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Core Values - Innovation and Collaboration

ThoughtWire was founded in 2009 by CEO Mike Monteith, EVP Dale Hall, and CTO Stephen Owens. They worked with diligence to create the long term vision for ThoughtWire, and put together the right team to create something special - our core platform - Ambiant.

Since then - we’ve exploded in growth - with our team working to bring together people and processes with data from IoT to deliver better outcomes in built environments. We’ve introduced a variety of innovative applications for Smart Hospitals and Smart Buildings, while providing great outcomes for our customers.

Although the team has grown rapidly - the core vision and company values help team members stay aligned in long term goals and truly become part of the ThoughtWire family. Our values are innovation, collaboration, humility, empathy, and community.

In the industry we operate in - innovation is essential to foster growth and bring authentic passion to our work. When ThoughtWire first emerged in 2009 - there was little attention in IoT, connected sensors, and operations performance for built environments. Fast forward to where we are today headed in 2019 - we’re continuing to innovate and add to our suite of applications such as EarlyWarning, PrecisionHub, and the @Work app.

Finding a new approach, a better way, or a game-changing solution is what motivates us to achieve more.

"At ThoughtWire we approach every problem with a sense of curiosity and never stop asking why. The flexibility of our Ambiant platform allows us to integrate with any system, provide any user experience and apply any data algorithm, so we are limited only by our ingenuity.

By designing every solution starting with the end user first, we can ensure we are providing value where it is actually needed. We know we are on the right path to a meaningful outcome when we can demonstrate how an innovation will make people safer or more productive.

When you walk through our doors, you’ll see ingenuity, creativity and curiosity at work, expanding the scope of what’s possible. Creating something unique and valuable is not possible without collaboration - which is why we hold it to the highest esteem."

- Jason O'Neill (Director of Product and Data)

When we work together, new possibilities emerge. We value the input, ideas and contributions of every team member, and support an environment that fosters collaborative decision making, transparency and open communication.

From our engineering and product development teams, to implementation with our technical services group, to identifying new clients in sales & marketing - collaboration is essential to drive real value for our customers, and to support each other on the team.

“Leonard Read said that no one person has all the knowledge required to make a simple pencil; likewise, producing and maintaining an OPM platform requires a capable team working together.

As a Support Specialist, I often have to couple my own expertise with the in-depth knowledge and experience of our Engineers and Delivery Consultants to resolve complex issues and improve the customer experience. Without all of us working together, OPM wouldn't be possible.” - Justin Robinson (Customer Support Specialist)



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