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Healthcare IT News - Health Information Technology’s National Blueprint for COVID-19

The 10-year-old National Broadband Plan identified three nationwide gaps: IT adoption by healthcare providers, information utilization by them and connectivity to patients. In many places, those gaps still remain.

It’s been ten years this month since the release of the National Broadband Plan, a 376-page document that was one of the products of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

In our current COVID-19 crisis, its Chapter 10, covering healthcare, deserves immediate and close attention to determine how its analysis and recommendations might be applicable to the critical decisions that must be made – both in confronting our pandemic and in anticipating the next pandemic to come.

First, let’s focus on what the plan revealed that underscores a persistent problem in dealing with COVID-19. "The United States is not taking full advantage of the opportunities that health IT provides."

Three national gaps were identified that remain today: adoption by health care providers, information utilization by them, and connectivity to patients.

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As an organization that serves many industries such as healthcare, commercial real estate, and corporate real estate organizations, we empathize deeply with what our customers are going through at this moment. We’re a technology organization, but for us people have always come first. If you need advice on where to start or how you can make the changes your organization needs to be prepared for the future, get in touch. Community is important now more than ever.


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