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Looking back at HIMSS 2019

Wrapping up another successful year at HIMSS for ThoughtWire, there is certainly a lot to reflect on from this year’s event. Here are some of the most exciting and thought-provoking themes from this year:


With more health information systems and smart hospital devices emerging, interoperability was on everyone’s mind. The FHIR booth had many showcases and presentations on how it is making strides in analytics, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many exhibitors are recognizing the importance of cutting through the noise and finding the right signals; the amount of data that these new solutions are generating could easily introduce additional problems.

Cloud – Privacy and Security

Cloud storage is getting more affordable all the time, leading to more organizations moving their solutions to the cloud. Traditionally, healthcare organizations have opted for on-premise solutions for the added security of keeping their data physically on-site, however giants such as Microsoft Azure have made leaps and bounds in terms of healthcare data security and privacy, and so the appeal of the cloud is now stronger than ever.

Digital Twin – AI, ML, and IoT

The biggest and most common question that ThoughtWire received from attendees this year was “What if?”

‘What if AI and ML findings were incorporated into your solution?’

‘What if you were connected to this sub-system or that device?’

‘What if you had more staff on shift that day, what would the outcomes be?’

Attendees were drawn in by ThoughtWire’s digital twin technology, specifically our ability to replicate a built environment. Our digital twin can recreate a building, with all its moving pieces, to potentially predict and emulate various outcomes. As advances in AI and ML continue to reveal themselves, the digital twin story will continue to feature closer to the forefront of predictive analytics and true optimization.


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