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The TW Internship Experience - Technical Services and Marketing

Welcome to our second installment of ThoughtWire co-op blog series - aiming to capture the experience of our interns who worked diligently to contribute to ThoughtWire’s growing success.

This group consists of Matthew (Interim Delivery Consultant) and Chris (Marketing Communications) who operated under the same umbrella of Services, Sales, & Marketing. They had lots of great things to say about their experience at ThoughtWire!

What are the top skills you’ve learned while working at ThoughtWire?

Matthew: Over my two co-op terms with ThoughtWire I have come to a much richer understanding of the Agile development process, and the nuances of how Scrum teams operate to effectively deliver software. This practical knowledge goes above and beyond what I had previously learned in a classroom. In my most recent term I have had the opportunity to deep dive into market research and competitive analysis. This has taught me how to go from knowing very little about a prospective market, to painting a clear picture of the competitive landscape. From here it is about strategically aligning your products within this landscape, and understanding how to clearly communicate your differentiators.

Chris: In my experience with ThoughtWire, I certainly learned how to collaborate within and across teams much more efficiently, come up with creative solutions under tight deadlines, and communicate my ideas internally and externally with more efficiency.

In the realm of marketing - this role allowed me to wear many hats, which provided a phenomenal learning experience. I got a taste of email marketing, copywriting, social media management, digital strategy, marketing operations, content creation, event planning and more. Looking back, I learned so much in four months thanks to the amount of autonomy and responsibility I was given. It was great that my ideas were always valued, and many brought to life.

What was your favourite part of your job, or favourite moments from your co-op term?

Matthew: Working with the Technical Services Group (TSG) has been a definite highlight of my time with ThoughtWire. The team has a truly special open and collaborative culture, which has been a catalyst for learning over my two terms. I am going to miss you guys!

On the more fun side, getting knocked around at bubble soccer and the ThoughtWire holiday party stand out.

Chris: My favorite part would certainly be the bagel days - nothing makes a Friday morning better than a fresh bagel and pastry from the St. Lawrence market!

In all seriousness - my favorite part would be working with such talented individuals that are always willing to provide great feedback and coaching. The culture at ThoughtWire is very vibrant, and there is no shortage of fun events to attend - such as karaoke nights and various team building activities.

What advice would you give to future co-op students?

Matthew: There are few cross-team barriers at ThoughtWire. This means a co-op at ThoughtWire is truly what you make it. I would encourage future co-ops to take the initiative to ask if there is a skill or experience you are interested in outside of your job description. This is something I have really taken advantage of the second time around, and something I wish I had done sooner.

Chris: As Matt said - there is full possibility to create the co-op experience you want it to be. You have a room full of talented individuals with deep experience in a variety of areas - so you should make those human connections as soon as possible. The second piece of advice I’d have is - your suggestions and ideas are always taken seriously, so share them - this is the advantage of working with a growing company. Don’t be afraid to bring up a new idea if you see an opportunity for improvement!

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