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The TW Internship Experience - Technical Services Group

Every semester, ThoughtWire is proud to support interns and co-op students looking to develop their skills, and build work experience in a diverse and friendly work environment.

Over the years, ThoughtWire has hosted many students in departments such as engineering, technical services, customer success, and marketing.

We’ve put together short interviews from some of this year’s phenomenal group to share their experience working at ThoughtWire. In part one, we have a few questions for Therese and Stephanie - two bright and experienced delivery consultants working within our technical services group (TSG). They contributed in a big way to the company, and will certainly be missed!

What is/are the top skill(s) you've learned while working at ThoughtWire?

Therese: The top skill I learned while working at TW was how to be agile in every aspect of being a Delivery Consultant. This includes responding to internal organizational, client, and dev/test needs. This means that as part of working with TW, being a DC taught me how to be flexible within a defined scope to better respond to project goals by looking at a problem from multiple aspects and points of views before coming to a decision.

Stephanie: The ability to critically think, adapt to changes, and learn quickly. One day you might find yourself supporting the sales team and the next day working on client-facing tasks. The work can be ambiguous and ever-changing, but full of opportunities. Being adaptable and having a willingness to learn about different aspects of the work that you are unfamiliar with will help you gain new skills and knowledge and discover areas that you may end up enjoying.

What was your favourite part of your job or favourite moment(s) from your co-op term?

Therese: My favourite part of working at TW was the people I was able to work with. Everyone at TW is not only friendly and helpful but also very knowledgeable. People are willing and open to spending time with you to teach you new skills or just to show you what their day-to-day looks like. My favourite moments are ones where the company was able to bond together through events like burger days! It is the supportive culture of the people who work at TW that makes it a great place to work.

Stephanie: This one is tough because there are too many favourite moments! One moment that really stood out for me is receiving positive feedback from clients after end user training and providing support for UAT. Putting the client’s needs at the forefront and hearing that we made a difference is what makes this work so meaningful. I also enjoyed all the Culture Club events. I loved the company summer bbq (obviously), scavenger hunt, bubble soccer, and archery tag!

What advice would you give to future co-op students?

Therese: Be open to new challenges and opportunities even if you may feel that it might not align with your current skill set. ThoughtWire is a great place to explore and learn new skills.


  1. Put your best foot forward – Perform each task to the best of your abilities, do it well and make a long-lasting impression.
  2. Develop good relationships with your coworkers - Professional relationships are important, especially if this is your first step into the workforce.

Take initiative - Remember to continuously seek out new and challenging opportunities throughout the term. It’s not just about what you are given, it’s also about how you can improve and achieve individual growth.

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