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TW Internship Experience - Customer Success, Product Management, Business Operations, and Marketing Team

ThoughtWire hires a new group of interns every term, providing opportunities for learning, and professional development. This summer, we welcomed nine students from Seneca College, McMaster University, Wilfrid Laurier University, the University of Toronto, and the University of Waterloo.These individuals, and the work they completed over the term, greatly benefitted not only their respective teams - but all of ThoughtWire as a whole.        

In this second and final part of this series, we have Kirk Giles from the Customer Success team, Tony McIntyre and Jamie Levinson from the Product team, Nikhita Nandeesha from the Business Operations team, and Christina Piruchta from the Marketing team.

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What are the top skills you’ve learned while working at ThoughtWire?

Kirk: My co-op term with ThoughtWire aided me in developing strong analytical and technical troubleshooting skills. In addition, ThoughtWire also provided me with the opportunity to navigate cloud-based technologies such as Microsoft 365, which greatly enhanced my understanding of cloud computing platforms.

Tony: The top skills I've learned while working is the ability to wear multiple hats as I was a part of both the product management team and data team. 

Jamie: I’d say the top skills I’ve developed are my communication and organizational skills. I’ve learned to prioritize effectively when managing different tasks and have gained experience working closely with my coworkers to meet deadlines.

Nikhita: Learning to become accountable for a big project your in, even if you’re assisting, trying to find the solution on your own, before seeking help. As well as taking ownership of your responsibilities, no matter how big or small; learning to communicate better with larger groups of people in video conferencing too!

Christina: Juggling different deadlines and responsibilities required me to be very organized throughout my time at ThoughtWire! I also gained lots of team-working skills through implementing agile methodologies, and being in frequent contact with my team.

What was your favourite part of your job?

Kirk: My favourite part of my role was providing internal support to my colleagues when they needed assistance. It felt great to troubleshoot and resolve internal technical issues for my colleagues as it ensured that there were no obstacles that stopped them from being successful in their respective roles.

Tony: My favourite part of the job were the teams I got to work on, the meetings as a team were always fun and productive. 

Jamie: My favourite part of the job was the people I got to work with. Everyone on the data and product teams were very friendly and supportive, and it was amazing getting the chance to work with them.

Nikhita: Having the opportunity to lead and facilitate discussions on strategic matters, with senior executives. Getting this kind of exposure is rewarding at my age. Another favourite part of my job is the idea of wearing different hats, giving me more responsibility and opportunities to grow my talents and skills.

Christina: I loved the variety of work I was able to do as a Marketing Assistant! I worked on copywriting, graphic design, competitive research, and so much more. These diverse tasks kept me on my toes and always excited me.

What were your favourite moments from your co-op term?

Kirk: My favourite moments from my co-op term were company events such as Thirsty Thursdays and ThoughtWire Trivia Lunch Hour. These company events essentially provided me with the opportunity to get to know my colleagues and was a fun way to spend my free time between tasks.

Tony: I also really enjoyed getting to see all the exciting projects coming down the pipeline and getting to start to plan for their development.

Jamie: My favourite moments were seeing my work come to fruition. It was great to see that the work I did made a difference, whether in a presentation to end-users and stakeholders, or in a lunch and learn to the company.

Nikhita: As a member of the SI team, we work closely with a not-for-profit Canadian-led network of innovators, known as Innovate Cities, who focuses on advancing the development and commercialization of Canadian Smart Cities Innovation. While working here, I had the opportunity to meet a Liberal Party Caucus Liaison, to pitch the Innovate CIties data trust. The Liberal Government can promote the creation of data trusts through the development of a regulatory framework that can help Canadian innovators grow and succeed while protecting privacy and digital security.

Christina: I really loved the daily stand-ups with my team members, talking about what national day it was that day, and any other silly tangents we would go off on. I got to work with such lovely people who provided a truly personal touch to remote working.

What advice would you give to future co-op students?

Kirk: My advice to future co-op students would be to try and make the absolute most out of your co-op term. ThoughtWire is a company that is filled with really smart and welcoming people so you should not be afraid of asking questions. In addition, it would be beneficial for all future co-op students to ask for feedback after completing tasks in order to enhance their learning experience and improve their development.

Tony: The coop experience - especially when existing on multiple teams, is entirely what you make of it!

Jamie: Take advantage of every opportunity while it’s available. You’d be surprised how fast the work term passes, and it’s important to make the most of the many invaluable opportunities and resources at ThoughtWire.

Nikhita: Don’t be afraid to ask for help, when needed. The culture at ThoughtWire is definitely inclusive and supportive.

Christina: My advice would be to remain mindful. Its easy as students - or people in general, to always focus on what's coming next: the next school semester, graduation, masters, full-time work. When we do this, we lose out on the present and all the amazing experiences happening to us right now! So enjoy and make the most of your time on co-ops, they fly by so quickly!

We thank Kirk, Tony, Jamie, Nikhita, and Christina for all of the hard work and success they achieved over the past few months! Looking for a place where you can also contribute, innovate and be inspired? We think you’ll love it here. Check out ThoughtWire 's current openings!

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