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The TW Internship Experience - Winter edition: Development Team

ThoughtWire Co-op Students

At the beginning of the year, ThoughtWire had five new students join the team for their winter work term. ThoughtWire is a strong believer in fostering and enriching future leaders with real-hands-on experience in a diverse and friendly work environment.

We conducted a short interview with each student and had them share their experience of working at ThoughtWire so far. In part one of a two-part series, we have Leah and Gary, both Developer Interns from Team Cloud, sharing their experiences.

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1) What is/are the top skill(s) you've learned while working at ThoughtWire?

Gary: Flexibility is the most important skill I’ve learned while working at ThoughtWire. At first, when I was working on tasks with the iOS and Android apps, I would get confused switching between them. However, as time went on, it became much easier to quickly change contexts between both versions of the app. This made completing various tasks for the two projects much more seamless and made switching between them seem less convoluted.

Leah: While working at ThoughtWire, I realized the importance of dependability in the workplace. Being dependable is so much more than showing up to work every day. It's establishing trust with my team that I'm able to consistently complete my tasks accurately and in a timely manner. Consistency and dependability led me to having more responsibilities because I needed less supervision. It also made it easier for me to establish relationships with my team members, leading us to become even more productive.

2) What was your favourite part of your job or favourite moment(s) from your co-op term?

Gary: My favourite part of my job was being able to make real, important contributions to the apps I was working on. Instead of being put off to the side or to do menial tasks or given a “coop project” to do, I had the opportunity to work on features in the apps that would have a direct impact on the end product. It made me feel like I was an important member of my team, and I was glad that I could help with the development of those apps.

Leah: I loved being able to work so closely with a team. You really develop a friendship with your team members and it makes work so much more enjoyable. I’m so grateful to have been able to work with such intelligent and hardworking individuals.

3) What advice would you give to future co-op students?

Gary: If you finish all the work assigned to you, don’t be afraid to ask for more work. There’s usually always something that your team could use your help with, and in taking on more tasks, you gain even more valuable experience. It also takes a load off your team’s shoulders, and improves the quality of work overall. By doing this, you seize the opportunity to make a noticeable impact on your team and on the company.

Leah: Ask questions!! If you don’t ask questions, then it’s assumed that you understand everything. Don’t be afraid to bother your team with questions because they want to help you learn and succeed in your role. Everyone is really approachable and always ready to help. Sometimes it’s easier to spend ten minutes asking someone for help rather than wasting your day trying to search for answers yourself.

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