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Bisnow: The 3 Trends Pushing CRE Toward Smart Building Enlightenment

The commercial real estate industry is disillusioned with smart buildings, and for good reason. Marketers of smart building tech have been forecasting a futuristic workplace that feels straight out of "The Jetsons". But so far, it hasn’t materialized.

Instead, CRE building owners have 1.5 billion internet-connected sensors and not enough to do with them. 

But this is all a misunderstanding — CRE professionals are unclear on what the “Internet of Things” is actually built to accomplish. IoT is a technology that is available now to help building owners reduce their costs and hold on to tenants by making them more comfortable. IoT isn’t a promise of space-age workspaces; it’s a clever investment that owners can make for the future.

Here are three trends that will transform IoT from a hyped-up technology to a shrewd investment in 2019: Lessons Learned From Other Industries, The Digital Twin: Outcome-Driven Exploration, Daily Engagement With Tenants.  

Read the rest of the article via Bisnow.

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