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Earth Day 2021 - Restoring Our Earth

ThoughtWire couldn’t let Earth Day go by without planting 150 trees
As our work toward cleaner, greener spaces continues, 364 days of each year

Earth Day 2021’s theme of “Together, We Can Restore the Earth”, speaks to the core of ThoughtWire’s values, and mission for the future. ThoughtWire prioritizes compassion and empathy, which is why this Earth Day we will be planting 150 trees as part of the Canopy Project! The Canopy Project focuses on planting productive tree species that can provide healthy and valuable food resources for local communities, ensuring high tree-survival rates. Creating greener cities, and smarter spaces, is our contribution to making the world a better and brighter place.

Smart spaces are key to cities’ role in restoring the earth

Climate change poses a great threat to us all, and this Earth Day, the theme of “Restore The Earth” has never held more urgency. Pollution and population are directly correlated, with large and growing cities consuming more than two-thirds of the world’s energy and generating 70 per cent of its emissions. Starting at the root of this issue, with built spaces that are sustainable and use limited energy, smart spaces have a role to play in curbing overconsumption.

Smart buildings and smart cities are key to building a sustainable future. With smart building technology, we can significantly reduce building carbon emissions, making cities cleaner as a whole. With tenants being able to control and optimize their unit’s energy consumption to their preferences, and building managers able to regulate building functions, have clean air filtration and spatial monitoring - our built spaces solution can be a catalyst for environmental sustainability. Adopting technology solutions such as ThoughtWire’s can be a cost effective measure for cities and building managers to improve ROI, and contribute to a lighter carbon footprint.

Sustainable cities means room for us all

Yet, sustainability is a much larger issue than just energy reductions and providing economic benefits - smarter spaces allow for unimaginable possibilities of societal improvement. Whether this is making spaces safer for individuals, or making them more tailored to specific health and living requirements, these initiatives provide a brighter path for everyone involved. This is the reason why demand for smarter, healthier and safer systems is on the rise.  

Implementing sustainable options does not have to be a challenge, and can in fact be a seamless transition for many. IoT adoption in built spaces has a massive economic benefit for retail settings, work sites, offices and homes. By providing a resolution for crowded, energy-draining cities, smart building technology is at the forefront of tackling climate emergencies on the every-day scale, with energy waste and consumption able to be significantly reduced. Adopting smarter building systems, needs to be part of the strategy for restoring our balance with Earth.

We have the ability to make a difference in every industry, but that can only happen when we all work together to #RestoreOurEarth. Join EARTHDAY.ORG in this movement and learn all the ways you can get involved.

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