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Facility Executive Webinar - Creating Smart Buildings For The Future Of Work

Catch our free webinar with Facility Executive on Creating Smart Buildings for the Future of Work on December 5th at 2:00 PM EST. Save your spot and register at the link here.

Facility Executive Webinar

The term ‘Smart Building’ has been around for decades.

Since the advent of building automation systems and networking within a physical environment, the industry has been working to understand how to optimize building operations. It’s only more recently that we’ve expanded that definition to include it’s impact on the people who work inside a smart building - the tenants. Creating smarter spaces is driven by the demands of a more digitally enabled consumer, software is eating the world and a building operations management is no exception.

Coupled with the rise of connected things within smart buildings, many CRE firms have embarked on a new kind of digital transformation that relies on the promise of IoT devices and the data they generate to create a better working environment for tenants while pushing to optimize building operations even further. So how do you use this data to shift the paradigm from reactive to proactive and really harness the true potential of these emerging technologies?

In this webinar you will learn:

• Strategies to overcome the abundance of data and lack of integration between systems

• How to get the most from you IoT investments and go beyond mere efficiency

• Why indoor spatial intelligence is crucial to transforming operations

• A real life case study of smart building technology being used to create truly smarter spaces 


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