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IoT For All - What Does it Mean to Be Digital Twin Enabled?

"In a complex world whose nuances are only deepening, now is the time to bring your buildings into the digital age and unlock new efficiencies and insights with Digital Twins"

What Are the Characteristics of a Digital Twin Enabled Space?

Digital twins can be useful at every stage of the asset lifecycle. From designing and planning, to construction, development and commissioning. Use cases for digital twins today are concentrated in the operations and maintenance phase. Data is abundant, and owner/operators of space are most interested in the ability to remotely control space. However, only having remote control over space is not achieving a truly digital twin enabled built environment.

True digital twin enabled space delivers benefits from insights about how people utilize space and unlocks new opportunities to reduce or avoid costs based on that new insight. Let’s look at an easy example: energy reduction is not only a sustainability goal but an easy lever for cost reduction. How can building managers take cost-reducing load-shed actions across lighting and HVAC systems without interrupting someone’s workday? When a space is digital twin enabled, a building manager would know who would be impacted by a load shed. More powerful than that, the twin can alert the building manager about the optimal time to take action, and eventually automate this process based on learnings that tune the model over time.

While everyone must first start by bringing together their disparate systems to create the building blocks of a digital twin, a space is not truly enabled until ALL the following use cases are unlocked.

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