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See you at HIMSS 2019

ThoughtWire is happy to announce we’ll be attending this year HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida from February 11-15th. HIMSS is the leading health and technology conference that brings together over 45000+ professionals from 90+ countries into one space.

This year’s theme: Champion of Health Unity; focus on empowering healthcare professionals to embrace the challenges with the adoption of new technology. Over the past few years, the healthcare space has advanced dramatically with improvements such as interoperability between systems, more efficient decision making with CRM tools and better patient experiences with AI technology. The rapid changes are leading to a health revolution in the near horizon.

At Thoughtwire, our aim is to revolutionize digital transformation in healthcare. Our technology helps transform hospitals to become smarter by putting their data to work delivering the right data to the right people in real-time. This helps hospitals be able to respond faster and make informed decisions to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Be sure to visit our booth #1721 and schedule some time with us to view a demo of our Smart Hospital applications in action. Discover how our technology can help your hospital save more lives, reduce the rate of readmissions and optimize your workflow!

To learn more about ThoughtWire's technology, check out our Resource Centre. 

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