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ThoughtWire's Holiday Party and Awards Ceremony

This past weekend - ThoughtWire had a blast hosting our annual Holiday party and company award ceremony. We hosted a team building scavenger hunt around the city of Toronto, a charitable gift exchange, and our annual award ceremony. 

The team started off the day with a Secret Santa gift exchange with a twist - the gift being for a "younger version" of the recipient to be donated to the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish program - partnered with RBC. Making a difference in our local community is something we strive for, and the extremely high participation rate exemplified this. 

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Award Recipients

The awards are a ThoughtWire tradition that aims to recognize those who go above and beyond in their work, bring the team closer to our goals, and support their peers to do the same. The award winners were determined by nomination and by deliberation of those who received awards last Holiday party.

ThoughtWire Awards 2018

Rookie of the Year: This person really dove into the deep end and got sh*t done. We can see their immediate impact.

  • Agnes Chow (HR Business Partner)For being our first HR person and making positive impact in so many different aspects. She works diligently to make ThoughtWire an amazing place to be.
  • Jasmine Vo (Sales Development Representative)For delivering consistent results and opportunities with creativity and diligence. She is an integral player in ensuring ThoughtWire's sales team's pipeline is full.

The Old-Timer: This person has seen it all but is not jaded. They continue to stand strong, helping TW grow and still has a shred of innocence left.

  • Jose Nunes (Distinguished Developer - Platform and Solutions): For sharing his passion, contributing new ideas, and developing new sophisticated solutions since ThoughtWire's inception.

Level: This person is cool as a cucumber and remains calm and rational through the most challenging situations.

  • Dan Nguyen (Delivery Consultant): For staying cool, calm, and collected in client presentations and never panicking in a stressful situation. ThoughtWire needs this energy. 
  • Brian Mouallem (Developer) - For always being in the center of the storm and never flinching. He remains cool and confident every day at ThoughtWire.

Mentor: This person is a trusted advisor and guru to many.

  • Polly Yung (Senior Delivery Consultant): For always making herself available to assist and educate new team members. No matter how full her plate is, she is ready to share her experience and expertise with the ThoughtWire team!
  • Franco Castaldini (Chief Commercial Officer): For being genuine and authentic which sets a great examples as to how people should treat each other. He imparts wisdom while giving autonomy to his team and inspires ThoughtWire to be at its best!

Team Spirit: This person makes it their personal mission to make work entertaining (in a good way), to keep colleagues smiling and everyone upbeat!

  • Justin Robinson (Technical Support Specialist) - For being upbeat, cheerful and injecting ThoughtWire with never-ending jokes!

Survivor: This person is who I'd choose to be lost in the woods with. They are positive, full of determination, patient and comes up with creative solutions.

  • Chris Meli (System Support Engineer) - For never giving up, continuously trying new solutions, and staying positive even when he's bombarded with requests

Vigilance: This person is our night watch - making sure we are on top of any potential difficulties and is always one step ahead.

  • Yang Jiao (Director of Customer Success) - For dealing with tough customer issues and being available all day and all night and all weekends (yikes!). He keeps ThoughtWire ticking.

While the decisions were extremely tough - as our entire team is composed of amazing and talented people, we would like to congratulate this year’s winners for their achievements.

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