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ThoughtWire named in PwC and CB Insights Digital Health Market Map

ThoughtWire is excited to share that we have been named in PwC and CB Insights Digital Health Market Map. 

Around the world, digital health companies are accelerating transformation in health care by enabling important shifts, for example, from institutional care to digitally enabled care in the community and from doctor-centred care to patient-centred care. All signs point to the health ecosystem of the future continuing to align with the concept of 4P medicine, which means it will be predictive, preventative, personalized and participatory.

PwC in collaboration with CB Insights, mapped out the top 50+ venture capital (VC) backed digital health companies across the health ecosystem in Canada. They are categorized based on the following segments: provider, patient, life science R&D and payer & public health.

According to PwC: "Historically, provider and patient-centric solutions have dominated Canada’s digital health sector. But this year, the spotlight’s on a new segment: life science R&D, which has helped drive the development of diagnostics, vaccines and treatments against the COVID-19 virus. Despite the segment having an average company age of 5.9 years, many of these companies have quickly become digital health champions, raising US$202.4 million in 2020 YTD." 

View the Canadian Health Market Map 

Read the full article from PwC

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