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The Data Effect Ottawa on June 6th

Join our CEO, Mike Monteith as he talks about Data, the Climate and Cities, and the importance of leveraging smart building data in the smart city data infrastructure at CityAge’s “The Data Effect” conference in Ottawa on June 6th, 2:15PM EST. 

CityAge Data Effect ThoughtWire Ottawa

Data is the world’s most powerful asset. Any country that isn’t leveraging it is falling behind.

The Data Effect in Ottawa in June 2019 will continue its work with Canada’s government and business leaders to articulate the benefit of a data strategy and implement it across key sectors of government, the economy and society. 

While loT has been utilized in the “outside” elements of a city - such as sensor technology on parking meters or street lighting - there has been little yet to be done in bringing together the outside and inside worlds.

Mike will discuss the importance of gaining a critical mass of built environments, including, commercial offices, hospitals, long-term care homes, manufacturing and logistics facilities, retail, school campuses and more, and integrating them into the smart city ecosystem.

We can’t wait to see you at The Data Effect in Ottawa.


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