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ThoughtWire named on Navigant Research Leaderboard for Intelligent Building Software

Intelligent building software is a growing market segment as commercial building owners and managers adopt new technologies for reducing energy use, increasing building efficiencies, and satisfying tenant demands for comfort, productivity, and sustainability. It takes advanced software solutions to harness the data to reach these interlocking goals. Legacy software and hardware systems can help but are limited as data volumes increase and the complexities mount. The latest software offerings integrate data from multiple building systems, providing valuable business outcomes previously difficult to achieve with point solutions.

The various types of companies covered in this Leaderboard reflect an emerging market with well-known brands competing against innovative startups. No provider has a complete solution given the complex business challenges buildings present, though some are moving closer to that goal. As the market evolves, Navigant Research, a Guidehouse company, expects ongoing improvements in these solutions and some breakthroughs as companies improve their capabilities in using building data with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques.

This Leaderboard report from Navigant Research, a Guidehouse company, examines 14 intelligent building software providers and their platforms for optimizing commercial facilities. Navigant Research uses a proprietary Leaderboard methodology to profile, rate, and rank vendors with the goal of providing an objective assessment of their relative strengths and weaknesses in the global intelligent building software market. These players are rated on 10 criteria: vision, go-to-market strategy, partners, technology, cybersecurity, product capabilities, complementary services, hardware integration, breadth of offerings, and pricing.


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