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ThoughtWire mentioned in Verdantix Market Overview: Systems Integrators For Smart Buildings

ThoughtWire is excited to share that we have been mentioned in Verdantix Market Overview about Systems Integrators for Smart Buildings in 2020.

According to Verdantix: "This report provides a strategic overview of the systems integrators market for smart buildings and analyses emerging opportunities in an era of IoT. This report will inform the decisions of C-level executives at building systems integration firms who own the strategy agenda and product roadmap. The research finds that building systems integration is getting more complex with the rise of IoT devices, smart equipment and the continuing convergence of IT-OT systems. Buyers increasingly seek vendors that can integrate this growing complexity of systems and help them get value from the increasingly granular data generated from buildings. The report also outlines four critical questions systems integrators should ask themselves to evaluate their go-to-market strategies."

Verdantix operational excellence research includes an annual survey of more than 250 operations managers, software product benchmarks and coverage of emerging technologies such as real-time risk controls, digital twins and IIoT.

ThoughtWire's Digital Twin allow building operators to bring together previously unconnected systems—from security to HVAC to wayfinding systems—to building automation, building energy management, gain new insights, optimize workflows, and monitor processes remotely. Digital twins can also be used to give occupants more control over their own workspace experience and environmental conditions, thereby enhancing the tenant experience and workplace productivity.

By optimizing systems and connecting people, owners and operators can use digital twins to reduce costs, avoid future costs, increase occupancy rates and occupant experience, and improve building productivityoverall asset value.

Verdantix defines a Digital Twin for buildings as: "a digital model of a building or facility which replicates the facility’s physical properties, systems and processes, and simulates its performance using real-time and historical data from many sources – such as plans, sensors, building equipment, staff badges – and a comprehensive analysis toolkit – such as graph databases, physics-based models, reduced form FEA models, machine learning models – to enhance operational decision-making and automation for that facility." 

Verdantix clients can access the full report here. 


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