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ThoughtWire Sponsoring CIO & Property Tech Forum New York 2019

ThoughtWire is excited to be a Gold sponsor this year’s CIO & Property Tech Forum in New York on September 25th. 

The event will bring together the leading PROPTECH experts to discuss some of the industries biggest challenges, opportunities and of course the latest technology. These include: Applying AI and Blockchain to Traditional CRE Processes, Exploring High-Value Opportunities for IoT and Tech Perspective on Navigating the NYC Energy Regs, to name a few. 

Whether you call it Proptech, Smart Building Technology, CRE tech or some other buzzword, it's clear that pace of technological adoption in CRE is accelerating faster than in years past. In the last two years alone we have seen a rise in the number of vendors servicing this market, it's why it's so important for meetings like the CIO forum to exist, for experts to share their real world insights, move the conversation around standards forward, and propel the ecosystem forward. We're particularly excited to hear from our customers and peers to help shape the conversation around technology in CRE and move the needle for everyone trying to get started or take their smart building strategy to the next level.

At ThoughtWire, we’re on a mission to create smarter, safer and more efficient built environments with innovative Digital Twin technology. Our Digital Twin of the Built Environment creates a real-time replica of your asset, occupant behaviour, and the various workflows/processes that occur inside the four walls of your space. This unlocks new insights about how occupant behaviour impacts operations and how operations can become more efficient and responsive to occupant needs. 

The Digital Twin design pattern specifically addresses the dynamic nature of the built environment, tuned for the future of smart buildings as agile digital products and services - not just physical infrastructure. 

Curious to learn more?

Kyle Tooke, Sales Director at ThoughtWire will be in attendance to answer any questions you might have about our technology and how it can positively impact your building. You can
schedule some time with him directly here to explore our solutions in more detail. 

Not attending the event, but want to know more? Schedule a live Demo at a time that suits you best to learn more about our innovative smart solutions. 


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