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IoT For All: What Is Digital Twin Technology and Where Is it Really Headed?

Digital twins—virtual replicas of a physical product, process, or system—bridge physical and digital worlds. This article guides you through some of the most promising current and future use cases for digital twins.

For the past several years, the internet has been ringing with a new buzzword: digital twin. And, more recently, the term “digital twin of an organization (DTO)” has been added to the mix—as seen by Gartner’s move to add DTO to its list of top ten strategic technology trends for 2019.

As digital twins grow in complexity and move from being digital representations of single items to models of systems of interconnected things, more businesses are seeing the technology as an opportunity to orchestrate people, processes, and things in a sophisticated way, resulting in better business outcomes, as well as benefits for everyone. But is digital twin technology really here to stay? And where do its biggest opportunities lie for the future?

This article looks at what a digital twin really is, how to decipher true digital twins from the buzz, and where the technology is headed—especially as digital twins mature and expand in the scope.

Read the full article via IoT For All here.


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