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Independent Analyst Firm Recognizes ThoughtWire as an Innovator in the Green Quadrant IoT Platforms For Smart Buildings 2019

We’re excited to announce ThoughtWire’s positioning as an Innovator on the Verdantix Green Quadrant for Smart Building IoT Platforms 2019. It’s not only great to receive this recognition but to be mentioned alongside our partner Schneider Electric and peers in this industry. The Green Quadrant for Smart Building IoT Platforms evaluated selected organizations along a few different areas including, data management, space management, wellbeing, energy, in addition to assessing the overall momentum of an organization. It is validating to see ThoughtWire’s data management capabilities, which are core to our platform, and occupant focused application functionality highlighted as strengths.

Reaping the benefits of a long history in the complex world of hospitals

In assessing ThoughtWire, Verdantix rated our capabilities in healthcare as a strength, noting our ability to help bridge the gap between occupant experience and operations as a reason to consider our solution for a smart building. We recently announced a strategic partnership with Schneider Electric, a leader on the Green Quadrant, to tackle exactly that challenge in smart hospitals, helping to bridge the gap between the clinical environment of care and facility operations to deliver an enhanced patient experience.

By bringing together our strengths in data management, Digital Twins, and clinical operations with Schneider Electrics strong leadership position in facilities management and building operations we’re able to create smarter digital hospitals that operate seamlessly. Download the datasheet about our joint solution here.

Bringing strength in #DigitalTwin to the forefront

Our strength in data management and user experience were also highlighted in this report. Verdantix positions Digital Twin and Visualization as an area of strength for the company.

“Demonstrated by their strong foundation in healthcare, ThoughtWire understands the challenges of managing data in complex environments to drive real-time outcomes. With their Digital Twin foundation, real estate teams can enjoy the same benefit, turning disparate building and occupant data into insights and action.” Dennis Callaghan, Principal Analyst, Verdantix

It’s great to see momentum continue to build for Digital Twins in Commercial Real Estate, Digital Twins as a design pattern has many benefits to offer this industry and is much more than just a digital replica of a building. “The IoT market is entering a new phase of growth with customers just at the start of the journey,” continued Callaghan. “Digital twin will need to be part of the IoT agenda going forward, and a key success factor will be how firms translate this technology-centric trend into meaningful value for customers.” Verdantix 2019, Green Quadrant IoT Smart Building. 

Our Digital Twin captures real-time data from OT and IT systems, IoT devices, people, processes and external data to drive operational and occupant experience outcomes through our applications PrecisionHub and @WorkApp.

Digital Twins offer the opportunity to unlock insights about spaces that were previously opaque to facility teams. See a recent product webinar to learn more about how our Digital Twin powers our apps. Get a sneak preview of recent enhancements to both @WorkApp and PrecisionHub, like space booking and management, not captured in the Green Quadrant reporting.  

Workplace experience = key use case for Smart Building IoT Platforms

Evident from the assessment criteria of this report, it’s clear workplace experience use cases are weighted heavily when searching for the right platform for your smart building. Due to our long history in healthcare, ThoughtWire, has always been a people-centric technology company, working closely with doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to deliver the right data at the right time for them to their work more effectively. That same principle drives our work in Commercial Real Estate, it’s all about how to optimize the experience for people inside built environments, to improve productivity but more importantly their satisfaction with their space. 

The report dives into our focus on occupant engagement and how we’ve applied intelligence to the search for an optimal workplace environment by using Digital Twin and AI to perfect comfort settings.

“The firm is going a bit beyond traditional user engagement with @WorkApp for Comfort, a machine learning-enabled feature that determines the optimal comfort setting given the situational context of a workspace in a PrecisionHub - connected smart building. Factors in ThoughtWire’s proprietary AI model include occupancy, individual preference, current airflow, current setpoint, weather and historical preference by time, day and year. ThoughtWire’s vision is to reduce the battle over the thermostat and eventually create a workspace that autonomously tunes itself to the preferences of its occupants.” Verdantix 2019, Green Quadrant IoT Smart Building.

To learn more about our entire suite of smart building solutions, schedule a demo directly with our team to make sure we can connect.



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