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Gartner names ThoughtWire as a vendor for Digital Twins in Healthcare

Gartner's Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers 2020, provides critical input for strategic planning by tracking the maturity levels and adoption rates of emerging provider technologies and approaches. Healthcare provider CIOs should use this research to plan their investments to optimize and transform.
ThoughtWire is proud to be named as a vendor for Digital Twins in Healthcare by Gartner.
According to the Gartner report: "Digital twins in healthcare are digital representations of healthcare assets, people, workflows and their behaviours can help accelerate problem solving, decision making and enable more efficient and effective care delivery and administration operations. By modelling real world entities and concepts (e.g., patient flow, pathways) the HDO can test various scenarios that can lead to improvement by studying the effects of changing various inputs and conditions under which the digital twin operates. The advantage of digital twins is that many healthcare processes are now digitized in some form and notwithstanding issues of data quality, the digital twin allows for change impact to be understood without disruption to services or the risk of impacting patient safety or quality."

Access the full report here

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