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Momentum is Building for ThoughtWire’s Smart Building Suite

ThoughtWire is changing how the CRE industry thinks about people, process and space.

TORONTO, ONTARIO,  October 16, 2019 -- It’s only been a little over a year since ThoughtWire released its two new Smart Building applications, PrecisionHub and @WorkApp, yet the technology has already become well established amongst the CRE industry. Together, the apps help smart building owners, operators, and occupants achieve a seamless workplace experience where daily tasks like accessing a building, booking meeting rooms, wayfinding and personalizing environmental controls have become easier than ever before.

Driving much of the excitement around ThoughtWire’s Smart Building applications is its underlying Digital Twin technology. ThoughtWire’s Digital Twin is a robust, semantic model that changes how we think about people, process and space in the built environment. By providing a real-time operational model, it allows users to make sense of dynamic, ever-changing spaces and provides more control to optimize workflows, energy consumption and much more. 

Since the release of ThoughtWire’s Smart Building apps and Digital Twin in June 2018, the company has helped several major CRE players achieve measurable results.

  • @WorkApp has achieved up to 51% engagement in the first 30 days after a building rollout.
  • Captured 1218 comfort preference actions from end-users in one 15,000 sq. ft space alone.
  • Happy, comfortable users without creating administrative overhead from work order tickets or hot/cold request calls 

“By focusing on people first, we’re building a human-centric view of the built environment, enabling operators to better understand, preempt and predict the behaviour of their buildings and deliver an exceptional experience for their tenants,” says Jason O’Neill, Director, Product Management.

Buildings have been on a journey to become “smart” for the better part of the last two decades, yet not until recently has there been a real focus on people's experience inside spaces. The challenge is not only in unifying the variety of legacy systems, new devices, and IT systems - it’s orchestrating this data in order to improve the lives of people who work, live, and play inside these spaces. This is where the power of Digital Twin shines. Orchestrate data not just from one system but across all systems within the built environment in order to better control your space and unlock new workflows that improve the overall experience. 

Looking to the future, the remainder of 2019 is bright for ThoughtWire. With plans to continue developing ThoughtWire’s Digital Twin, the company aims to unlock truly intelligent, responsive, and seamless workplaces for owners, operators, and occupiers of smart buildings. “With the power of Digital Twin technology the potential to transform spaces has never been easier for our customers from across the spectrum of occupiers, owners, critical infrastructure buildings like hospitals and all other built environments in our communities,” said Mike Monteith, CEO, ThoughtWire “ With real-time integration points with important building, IT, and people management systems our Digital Twin gives customers the ability to create a truly seamless experience for everyone in their space. Not only for the comfort of occupants but their productivity, safety, and security. Making communities safer, more secure, and ultimately more sustainable.”

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ThoughtWire is on a mission to bring the built environment to life. By orchestrating data from people, process, and the physical built environment ThoughtWire delivers smarter, safer and more efficient hospitals, commercial buildings, and cities. Our software applications put people first, whether for clinicians, patients, office workers, or first responders, ThoughtWire puts people in control. Powered by Digital Twins, ThoughtWire’s applications for smart hospitals, smart buildings, and smart cities unlock the value of data generated from built environments by combining it with context from people, processes and IoT devices. Since 2009, ThoughtWire has been changing how we think about the interconnectivity of smart spaces, beginning with its Ambiant™ platform, developed to interconnect and orchestrate people, data, and things in real-time.


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