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ThoughtWire announces partnership with leader in Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure, ioTium

ioTium Partner Ecosystem Drives Superior Occupancy Experience 

Edge Applications Deployed on ioTium’s Secure, Cloud-Managed Edge Infrastructure Enable Intelligent, Connected Buildings That Deliver Convenience, Energy Efficiency,
Insights Into Building Performance and More

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — June 11, 2019 — ioTium, the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced a partner ecosystem to optimize the building occupancy experience. With edge applications from ThoughtWire, COHESION and SkyFoundry deployed on ioTium’s cloud-managed infrastructure, customers can easily control a range of comforts, conveniences and efficiencies in the built environment to drive a superior occupancy experience.

IoT and expectations for more personalized, intuitive building environments are giving rise to the “occupancy experience” — how we experience built environments. Increased insights into building performance, the development and offering of new services, better resource tracking and improved space management, a more proactive service model, and more efficient energy usage are all hallmarks of a superior occupancy experience. 

With its secure cloud-managed infrastructure, ioTium emerges as the foundational element underpinning today’s occupancy experience. Edge applications from its partners — ThoughtWire, COHESION and SkyFoundry — deployed on the ioTium Edge Gateway gather building data from sensors and funnel it to the partners’ respective clouds, delivering insights into building operations and enabling control over HVAC, lighting, security, parking meters, conference room availability, chiller temperature and more.

 “ioTium’s secure access gateway and wealth of expertise enables us to bring world-leading building and portfolio intelligence to the commercial real estate market,” said Thru Shivakumar, CEO, COHESION. “Through our partnership with ioTium, COHESION is the only platform that extracts information from every major data source in a building, connecting human interactions, systems and infrastructure to harness powerful insights for enhanced building experiences.”

 “We’re excited to be part of ioTium’s partner ecosystem, which brings together the leading organizations in the industry,” said Mike Monteith, CEO, ThoughtWire. “Together, we are pushing past the boundaries of traditional building environments to collect data that will create secure, intuitive and intelligent spaces.”

“The explosion in IoT connected devices creates tremendous opportunities to generate value from the device data,” said John Petze, principal, SkyFoundry. “Secure communication is an essential element, and the ioTium solution provides customers with an entirely new approach to implement a secure communications infrastructure. We are excited to have SkySpark validated to run on the ioTium infrastructure.”

“ioTium is at the forefront of digital transformation in buildings, which enables an occupancy experience worthy of the 21st century,” said Ron Victor, founder and CEO, ioTium. “With our partner ecosystem, we help customers gather, analyze and act on data received, contributing to a world-class occupancy experience. 

ioTium will exhibit at the 2019 IBcon conference, held June 13-14 in Nashville in Booth No. 631. For more information on ioTium, please visit our site.

About the ioTium Edge Partner Program

A cornerstone of ioTium strategy, the ioTium Edge Partner Program is a successful and vibrant partner ecosystem that enables rapid and secure deployment of partners’ edge applications to accelerate digital transformation. Join our ecosystem today, and get your edge application in the ioTium marketplace.

About ioTium

ioTium is the first commercially deployed Software-Defined Converged Infrastructure company for the IIoT. Funded by GE Ventures, Honeywell Ventures, Juniper Ventures, JC2 Ventures, March Capital Partners and the Fabric, ioTium is the company of choice for Fortune 500 organizations looking to enable secure, scalable IIoT deployment today. The company's solutions ensure that any machine, using any protocol, can be instantly, seamlessly and securely connected to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator; while eliminating deployment complexity issues and minimizing network security risks. For more information, visit:

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