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ThoughtWire intros IoT automation apps for building owners and healthcare providers

ThoughtWire’s new PrecisionHub application for building owners gives visibility into energy usage and fault detection, and enables automated adjustment of building controls. The programme establishes a ‘digital twin’ of the building that unites data streams in a single control plane, with details about the building’s ‘health’ and workflows. Its new @WorkApp allows tenants to adjust controls through a mobile app.

Meanwhile, ThoughtWire has introduced EarlyWarning, one of three applications for hospitals, to help care teams predict and respond to patients and incidents. The app has been proven to reduce ‘code blues’, where patients require immediate resuscitation, by up to 90 per cent, said ThoughtWire. Its SynchronizedOps application helps providers manage patient wait times by orchestrating patients movements from different areas of the hospital, and its RapidResponse ensures patient information is available to doctors and nurses more quickly.

ThoughtWire said one hospital, which has already deployed the SynchronizedOps application, has saved $2.7 million already, at a return of 900 per cent.

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