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ThoughtWire Turns 10: Looking Ahead at the Next 10 Years

If you read our previous article, you'll know that this year marks ThoughtWire's 10-year anniversary. 

With 10 incredible years under our belt, it got us thinking about what the next decade will bring -- not only for our company specifically, but for the world of integrated technology in general.

Summarized briefly, here are our top quick predictions for the coming decade

1. The issue of data privacy will come to a head

We’re at a crossroads right now when it comes to technology and privacy. Events in recent years, like the disclosure of data by Facebook, has ignited heated debates and eroded public trust.

As we go into the future, we'll see a shift towards people in control of their technology and data, and not the other way around. A more humanistic approach will emerge if technology is to continue to rely on our data.

2. Technology will become even more embedded into daily life

Embedded technology is getting increasingly pervasive. It's also getting smarter, smaller and more specific. For instance, before we used to have one sensor per floor in a commercial real estate (CRE) building, while now we have hundreds.

Furthermore, with machine learning and AI influencing our daily life, we're being asked to interact with many more systems and apps than even a half decade ago. This number can’t go up indefinitely. There's a limit to how many systems we can be expected to use.

In the future, technology will be brought together in a humanistic way to achieve a more open-ended set of goals.

3. Smart cities will emerge in a bigger way

Smart cities are made up of many individual buildings, transportation systems, public spaces and more. As each site becomes connected within their ecosystems, it will open up the opportunity to connect them to one another, creating a web of integrated buildings, people and processes.

The outcome of smart cities? Reduced environmental impact, better health outcomes and a seamless, human-centred daily experience.

...So there you have it! Our predictions in a nutshell for the next 10 years. #TWTURNS10


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